Laurence Sterne,-A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy





MONSIEUR Dessein came
back to let us out of the
chaise, and acquaint the lady, the
Count de L--- her brother was
just arrived at the hotel. Though I
had infinite good will for the lady,
I cannot say, that I rejoiced in my
heart at the event---and could not
help telling her so--- for it is fatal to
a proposal, Madam, said I, that I
was going to make to you---

You need not tell me what the
proposal was, said she, laying her

4                  hand


hand upon both mine, as she inter-
rupted me.---A man, my good Sir,
has seldom an offer of kindness to
make to a woman, but she has a
presentiment of it some moments

Nature arms her with it, said I,
for immediate preservation--- But I
think, said she, looking in my face,
I had no evil to apprehend---and to
deal frankly with you, had deter-
mined to accept it.---If I had---(she
stopped a moment)---I believe your
good-will would have drawn a story
from me, which would have made
pity the only dangerous thing in the

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In saying this, she suffered me to
kiss her hand twice, and with a look
of sensibility mixed with a concern
she got out of the chaise--- and bid


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