Laurence Sterne,-A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy





MY heart smote me the moment
he shut the door---Psha! said
I with an air of carelessness, three
several times---but it would not do:
every ungracious syllable I had ut-
ter'd, crowded back into my imagi-
nation: I reflected, I had no right
over the poor Franciscan, but to de-
ny him; and that the punishment of
that was enough to the disappointed
without the addition of unkind lan-
guage---I consider'd his grey hairs---
his courteous figure seem'd to re-
enter and gently ask me what injury
he had done me?---and why I could



use him thus--- I would have given
twenty livres for an advocate--- I
have behaved very ill, said I within
myself; but I have only just set out
upon my travels; and shall learn
better manners as I get along.



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