Laurence Sterne,-Letters from Yorick to Eliza







My Dear Eliza,

I Think you could act no otherwise
than you did with the young so-
ldier, there was no shutting the door
against him, either in politeness or hu-
manity ---

Thou tell'st me he seems susceptible
of tender impressions, and that before
Miss L---t has sail'd a fortnight, he
will be in love with her ---

Now, I think it a thousand times
more likely, that he attaches himself
to thee, Eliza, because thou art a thou-
sand times more amiable ---



Five months with Eliza, and in the
same room, and an amorous son of
Mars besides,"It can no be Masser."
--- The sun, if he could avoid it,
wou'd not shine upon a dunghill ; but
his rays are so pure, Eliza, and celes-
tial, I never heard that they were polluted
by it --- Just such will thine be, my
dearest child, in this and every such
situation you will be expos'd to,
till thou art fix'd for life. ---

But, thy discretion, thy wisdom,
thy honour, the spirit of thy Yorick,
and thy own spirit, which is equal to
it, will be thy ablest counsellors ---



Surely, by this time, something is
doing for thy accommodation --- but
why may not clean washing and rub-
bing do, instead of painting your cab-
in, as it is to be hung --- paint is so
pernicious both to your nerves and
lungs, and will keep you, so much
longer too, out of possession of your
apartment, where I hope you will pass
some of your happiest hours ---

I fear the best of your shipmates,
are only genteel by comparison with
the contrasted crew, with which thou
must behold them.

So was-you know who, from the
same fallacy that was put upon the


judgement, when --- But I will not
mortify you --- If they are decent and
distant, it is enough, and as much as
it is to be expected; If any of them are
more, I rejoice ---

Thou wilt want every aid, and 'tis
thy due to have them ---

Be cautious only, my dear, of inti-
macies; good hearts are open, and
fall naturally into them --- heaven in-
spire thine with fortitude, in this and
every other deadly trial!

Best of GOD'S works! Farewell,
love me, I beseech thee, and remem-
ber me for ever, I am, my Eliza, and



ever will be in the most comprehen-
sive sense,

Thy Friend ---


P.S. Probably you will have an
opportunity of writing to me by some
Dutch or French ship, or from the
Cape de Verd Islands, 'twill reach me
some how ---

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