Laurence Sterne,-Letters from Yorick to Eliza







I Cannot rest, Eliza, tho' I shall call
on you at alf-past twelve, till I
know how you do --- may thy dear face
smile, as thou risest, like the sun of this
morning! I was much griev'd to hear
of your alarming indisposition yester-
day; and disappointed too, at not
being let in --- Remember, my dear,
" that a friend has the same right as a physician. The etiquettes of this town
(you'll say) say otherwise; no matter,
delicacy and propriety do not always
consist in observing their frigid doc-
trines -- I am going out to breakfast,
but shall be at my lodgings by ele-
ven; when I hope to read a single

            B2             line


line under thy own hand, that thou
art better, and wilt be glad to see

Nine o'Clock


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