Here is a collection of Laurence Sterne's major works and other important texts connected to the author and his writings.
The following texts are all proofread 1st editions.


Laurence Sterne


-The Unknown World, in The Gentleman's Magazine, Vol XIII, page 376, July 1743.

- A Political Romance, Addressed to-, Esq., of York. To which is subjoined a Key. Ridiculum acri Fortius et melius magnas plerumque secat Res. 1759.

- The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, London 1760 -1767.

- A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, I and II vol., London 1768.

- Letters from Yorick to Eliza, London 1773.



- Letters from Eliza to Yorick, London 1775.

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Ugo Foscolo


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- Viaggio sentimentale di Yorick lungo la Francia e l'Italia. Traduzione di Didimo Chierico. - Pisa, co' caratteri di Didot, 1813.
In-8°; 2 cc., VIII pp., 1 c., 252 pp., 2 cc., due ritratti dello Sterne e del Foscolo; legatura coeva in mezza pelle con tassello in marocchino rosso. La "Notizia intorno a Didimo Chierico" (pp. 231-247) è opera originale di Foscolo.
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William Hogarth


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-The Analysis of Beauty. Written with a view of fixing the fluctuating Ideas of Taste, London 1753.